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I am sorry to say that St. Cloud AREA

is getting more dangerous!

[because we live here too] ...

QLK is an educational Service and a Family Group Type Martial art so ...

We are going to try to our expand our services to the College students that are in this area.

WHY?: Because students seem to be the target of a high percentage of abuses.

[However anyone is welcome! to our classes).

Please know that we are interested in your safety (not your money .. we don;t even charge - only a small community Educational fee is charged by them - NOT by QLK . QLK doesn't charge nor are instructors paid) -

But Please know that this is a REAL martial arts group - that teaches real self defense .. NOT Tournament Stuff!

QLK is NOT a MACHO group - so you do not need to be "tough" and Classes ARE female friendly [over 25% of our members are Female.]

Know that from the very first night you will learn things that will work on the street - not just a few overly confident nonsense tricks that do not really work

We teach things in ways that do NOT need size or strength or macho nonsense.

QLK also has the best student instructor ratio in the entire upper mid west -

usually 4-6 high level Black belts are there to teach - .. so you will get a huge amount of instructor time.

I only add all that so you understand what QLK is about!

Sign up through community education (320) 253 -9333

because QLK instructors do NOT charge for St. Cloud Classes

[Community education charges about $30 for 3 months- see them for exact rate. we don't charge!]

I know what it says for a start date but you can start anytime

Yes we accept students that have previously studied other styles ...

over 25% of our Adults Students come to QLK after having earned at least a first Dan in one or more styles


QLK is an INTERNATIONAL Group of dedicated Martial Artists

who strive to learn and share what we know

The purpose of QLK is to teach REAL Martial arts (not karate) for self defense -

NOT tricks for tournaments.

The idea of QLK is to allow people to defend themselves WITHOUT having to be strong, fast or tough [such are only illusions of power ... and we teach how to disrupt these illusions].

You do not have to buy anything to be a part of QLK!


Here is the link to the GERMANY QLK website:


SO What is Inner Circle Martial Arts?

We sell Inner Circle Martial Arts products to be resources for those that can not get direct training in QLK schools AND as a way to support QLK schools, students and projects (Free classes & Seminars, Teaching Martial Arts Trips, Scholarships,Etc) the money we get from these sales is not for personal profit - it supports QLK students and QLK educational Offerings like the Free Summer Seminar.


Just so you know:

Inner Circle Martial Arts IS The World Leader in

WESTERN Science- Based

Martial Arts - information

[Meaning all material and all QLK principles are based on Western Medicine,
physics, kinetics, and mathematics not TCM mysticism]


IF you are not able to come to QLK Classes

or don't have a QLK class in your area

or just want to improve your Martial Arts knowledge

Here is a listing of products you can purchase

Just so you know what you are getting! :

IC products won't give you hype or ego -

our material is NOT about us, QLK nor me

[if you are expecting linage stuff or why we are so great - forget it!]

IC products give you LOTS of real usable Science
and PROVEN Western Medical

Martial Arts information that is for self defense on the Street

PLEASE Be aware

This is not tournament information nor is it suitable for kids -

Please respect that

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The ST. CLOUD MN QLK School is currently teaching classes THURSDAY EVENINGS at 6:30 PM:

NORTH Junior High School

1212 29th Ave N
St Cloud, MN 56303

here is a link to a map to help you find it


Sign up through Community education

(320) 253 -9333


For Albany MN QLK Classes Contact:

Dave Cofell or Adam Patterson