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The Real Power is in Education.



The purpose of QLK schools is to share knowledge and friendship. Essentially there are 2 types of membership that allow for privileges of cross-training at QLK schools, reduced prices on QLK/ Inner Circle materials and access to the QLK Monthly Newsletter.



This is a QLK student that trains in a QLK school under a QLK certified instructor.  Full privileges to seminars, demonstrations, (free) cross-training in QLK schools, Rank Certification, Monthly Newsletter and Inner Circle materials at dramatically reduced prices.



These are schools that share (at least most of) our principles, but identify themselves as being other than QLK. There has been a functional agreement with the leaders of these schools. (ys that is vague - it jsut means we share the same goals overall) These schools / people do not get their Rank Certification through the QLK system. IF they study kata they may not be the same as QLK style katas. However, affiliate membership has most of the privileges of QLK schools such as reduced seminar and Inner Circle material prices, ability to cross-train in QLK schools and access to the the Monthly Newsletter.

Affiliate membership can be for a School, based on the instructor (thus all members of that school) or on a personal level - with recomendation of a current member only - email me personally if you do not know a member or affiliate member and you want to join (bemiller@cloudnet.com).



PLEASE note the lack of charge (i.e. no money) for either of these two types of memberships. This is NOT about money!  It is far more important than that - it is about learning.


If you are a member or affiliate member contact me or any senior QLK instructor about seminars or cross training or check out the Bridge tours.


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