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Uniforms are not required to participate in Quan Li K’an Martial Arts Classes. 

Testing, however, is a voluntary situation and does require that the student have a uniform before they can be tested.

IF you can NOT AFFORD a uniform or belt let us know (discretely) .. we will work it out for you or your kids!

Please Note: You do not have to test to train and there is no fee for testing. However students are not encouraged to test if they are not ready!

You do not have to purchase an uniform from Quan Li K’an.  Any WHITE uniform of standard uniform/ gi/ dobok configuration will do.  If you have a uniform from another school that doesn’t have insignia on it (or one that the insignia has been removed from) that will be adequate.  Only white uniforms are allowed except for instructors. (2nd Degree adult BB and higher dan ranks)

You can purchase your uniform from ANY source you feel comfortable buying from.  Uniforms are offered for sale at a wholesale price through our St. Cloud MN (QLK) school.  No profit is made on the sale of uniforms, or patches. These items are offered only for the convenience of our students. Other QLK schools have their own uniform policies and purchasing -

UNIFORMS: Our average price for a student uniform (top, pants and white belt) is 11.99 for kids and 13.99 for adults plus shipping.  I say average price as occasionally the uniforms go on sale for about a dollar less, and because anything over size five costs more because of the added material used to make them.  See one of us for these prices.  If we get them cheaper we pass the savings on to you.  Usually we do not know when sales will be until after the order has been placed.  Uniforms are a 56% cotton/44% polyester, middle-weight, wash and wear fabric with an elastic waist band.  They do shrink a little. 

We do not keep a supply of uniforms in stock.  We cannot personally afford to tie up the money!  Therefore, uniforms need to be paid for when they are ordered as we will be charged whether you pick them up or not

BELTS: Colored Belts cost $5.00 (shipping included).  You will not need a colored belt until you pass a testing.  a White belt comes with the uniform. Belts be gotten through Quan Li K’an or wherever you like. We usually try to keep most belts in stock. 

Students below the rank of fifth level black belt are should not wear QLK embroidered belts. [From 5th Dan on you have the same belt - if you need to advertize what rank you are from that point on ... well]


SHIPPING: We never know what shipping is going to cost us and shipping costs varies with the number of items ordered (the more ordered the less cost per item) , shipping is to be paid when the uniform is picked up.

            Uniforms should be ordered by height using the following guidelines:

               Height            Uniform size                     Height                       Uniform size
               3 - 3’4’’            000                         5’ -  5’5”                        3
               3’5”- 3’8”            00                         5’6” -  5’9”                      4
               3’9” - 4’             0                          5’10” - 6’0”                      5
               4’1” - 4’5”           1                          6’1”                              6
               4’6” - 4’11”          2                          6’2”                              7
                                      				            6’3”                              8

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                           Ashley Curtis                        Adam Patterson

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