READY POSITION: DOUBLE CIRCLE - hands stop in front of groin (left over right).


Point simulates 4 people attacking a single person (YOU) who has a valuable object at their feet which they must not leave or they will loose. The object of this form is to defeat all attackers stacking them up at your feet (on top of each other) in disabled condition so that you have total control over them.


Things of importance:

a) feet never leave contact with ground during any pivoting.

b) this is a fluid form with the power coming from the circles not just straight line maneuvers

c) side kicks in this form are NOT thrown from the hip just with the leg. The contact point is the side of the foot.


1) First attacker: in front of you Double fore arm smash. circle outward with right hand. Left hand punches to kidney. Right hand grabs hair - pulls down into raised right knee. right hand makes small circle (outside to in) to throw at feet DIRECT THROW WITH FINGER TIPS!


2) Second Attacker: to your right With right foot still up in air, double right side kick to opponent on right striking knee and stomach. step down into back stance. Back knuckle strike to nose with right hand. pivot to right front stance (do NOT take step) grab opponents face with left hand - pull down with small circle (in to out) exposing opponents neck. right knife hand to throat. throw opponent at feet.


3) Third attacker: to your left 180 degree pivot to face left (now in back stance) leaning back to miss blow aimed at head. front kick with left foot (the forward foot) to mid section. Shift into front stance left foot forward, striking eyes with split finger blow using left hand & striking groin with right hand spear thrust. Grab both areas pick opponent up and pivoting back to front, throw down at feet.


4) Fourth attacker : grabs you from behind with both arms across your chest drop down into horse rider stance. raise right foot and smash opponents right foot with heal stomp. Right elbow strike to mid section. Finger tip strike with right hand to opponents groin. pivot 45 degrees to right. grab opponents groin with right hand and opponents throat with left hand . Pivot back to front pulling opponent over right thigh. Throw down at feet. Return to ready position.