Ok this Site is Not a martial arts site but is DEFINITELY a site to check out !

Dave Cofell is a VERY talented artist who offers free looks at his works and Downloadable links to his original music. Check it out!


Ok If you know me then you know I focus on reality and deliberately try to avoid macho hype and BS. 

That nonsense will NOT protect you on the street!

SO there aren’t a lot of martial artists out there that I will endorse …

here are the few I do enforce!



The author starts off with a background of how his spirit was developed under the harsh “Apartheid” regime in South Africa.

This spirit gave rise to his quest to undertake a six month journey across North and Central America by road.

Ok this book is anything except what you would expect ...

all I can say is that I started reading it and I couldn't put it down.

Do I recommend it ... YES!

Hoosain Book pict





Robert Agar-Hutton is different (in a good way) from most instructors. Not only does he teach a VERY practical and effective style of self defense he has the ability to cut to the chase and do it with a sense of humor that make the learning fun!

My students are even more critical of instructors than I am and they are still talking fondly of the seminar Robert put on at my school. (BELIEVE ME THAT IS RARE!)

SO if you ever get the chance to train with him … do yourself a favor and do so ... you will learn a lot and have a great time … !



Check out his Web page at : Protectics Karate Jutsu


Also I can definitely recommend his book ... please use the link below for more information and to order

Would you like to know...

What are the four types of Anger?:

What are the three causes of Anger?

And most importantly...

What are the three primary ways of dealing with verbal aggression?

What are the five main ways of understanding the meaning of what people say?

  What are the four best non-verbal defensive strategies?

  What are the four critical verbal defensive strategies?

  How can you cope with people who continually swear?  

  How do you deal with aggression on the telephone? 

What is the most important thing to remember in a face-to-face situation

The book is full of facts and techniques that can help you...

All of the above and much more is covered in easy to understand detail. This book will teach YOU how to deal with Verbal Aggression.


"I have been held back in my job and suffered many times in my personal life
cause of anger. Thank you for your help, your Ebook is excellent."


James Bartholomew. London, England.

How To Deal With Your Anger eBook image
With this eBook you will learn...
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 tick box image
What are the three causes of Anger?

What are the five ways of dealing with Anger?

and most importantly...
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What is the ONE fundamental decision that will let you be able to deal with your anger.
Learn facts and techniques that can help you...
 tick box image
What are the differences between anger today and in the past?
 tick box image
When is anger OK and when is it not OK?
tick box image
The four ways in which anger can be inappropriate.
 tick box image
Understanding external and internal anger triggers.
 tick box image
How you can benefit from an anger management diary.
 tick box image 
Setting anger management goals.


All of the above and much much more is covered in easy to understand detail. This eBook will teach YOU How To Deal With Your Anger.
It's more than just an eBook...
Even if "How To Deal With Your Anger" was 'just' an eBook it would be GREAT, it would enable you to solve the anger problem on its own, however...
Your copy of 'How To Deal With Your Anger' has an built in audio file, with an exercise that you can listen to, that will help you relax and control your anger habit.

HERE IS THE LINK to learn more :




Those that know me well enough know that I like points of view that make one look at what we are doing and why we do it ...

Even if we decide NOT to change something it really does help to examine the basic questions ...

You also know I am not overly impressed with the keyboard ninja set that loves to spend their time attacking everyone in their respective internet groups ...

HOWEVER that being said there are some REAL Martial artists out there that do contribute GOOD information.


I happened to run across an excellent article by Sensei Richard Kirkham ... that looks at the positive and negative aspects of the issue of sparring...

Now what I like about this article/ writer is that Unlike many people he actually looks at BOTH sides of an issue with a DEPTH of knowledge ...

[obviously he has been around more than just a computer keyboard] ...

He presents his material as a way to make you think rather than just telling you what to do ...

I think his material is worth reading ... so I am including the link to his materials here with his permission.


You can come to you own conclusions but in my opinion his material will get you thinking ...

(which to me is the best complement a writer can get!)






And finally site of a friend of mine (Samuel Judah) that you just HAVE to check out ... Not only does he have a very good product to sell but

the advice he has on his website is MORE than worth your time as it applies to all aspects of Martial arts and daily fitness




here is a quote from his website that sums it up:


A place to share you're training tips and techniques for the Shadow boxer VRT.

Whether you're a boxer, martial artist, fitness professional or just interested in toning up."


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