OK to make things clear Bridge tours (we call them that because we want to make a bridge to other styles ... like a path that goes both ways) .. are NOT for PROFIT tours we try to put on every year where we go to other Martial Arts schools / styles and put on ... and sometimes participate in lectures ... literally try to learn from each other.  Essentially these are good will mutual learning seminars/ classes

We are members of a Style of Martial Arts called Quan Li K’an from the State of Minnesota in the United States. [ ] This is not the only place this style is located (as there even QLK and affiliate schools in England and Germany) but currently that is where the head school of the style is located.  Quan Li K'an has been providing FREE Martial arts training to the community in the St. Cloud MN areas since 1987.  We have never charged for such training and thus district 742 has been able to offer these lessons at absolute minimal costs [uniforms, belts and supplies are offered at COST not profit and we will provide uniforms and belts and supplies to people who can't afford such so cost will never been a reason not to train]


As part of the sharing and learning of Martial arts we also try to reach out beyond the St. Cloud area to other areas of the USA and other countries.  We call these tours Bridge tours.

The purpose of the Bridge tours are to share information, learn from others, to improve our style, and meet other people interesting in Martial Arts and generally have a great time building bonds and friendships. 

We believe it is not the style as much as it is the knowledge of how to make it work that is important ... thus we want to learn what you do and show what we do ... drink some beer and have a good time (tactfully!).  Sharing helps everyone and builds friendships and cultural ideas that last so we see this as a win-win situation.


Please note: These tours have NO political agenda at all! (Martial Arts or otherwise) and we do NOT try to convert anyone to our styles, nor push anyone to buy any products,or anything etc ... our purpose is NOT for commercial reasons (hard to believe in these time I know but ...)


We have been doing this for several years with most of the tours concentrated in the United States, England and Germany but are hoping to expand this to include more schools and styles. 

This year we are hopefully planning on heading to Europe in the first part of October.

We are looking for people who would be interested in having us put on a seminars (for free) and for them to help us with a place to stay, food and (some) help getting to the next seminar.  [not money]


So that you understand what we are proposing is that we would provide the main transportation to your area and be willing to put on [and participate] in Seminars. PLEASE NOTE: We do not charge you for those seminars but you can  charge if you wish …  [The reason you can (and probably should charge at least something) is so that you can recover any costs you might incur and also for the time and effort of arranging our stay and the seminar(s)]. What we really need is help with food and accommodations.

As far as accommodations … We also do NOT need a fancy place to stay, as we can bring sleeping bags (if you tell us in advance) so a place on a floor is fine [beside I personally hate hotels ... besides the expense, you don’t really get to meet anyone in a hotel]

I already know we will have seminars scheduled in England (4 seminars scheduled and working on more) ... and hope to add Germany, maybe Scotland and maybe Poland ... again we are trying to expand where we go this year so if you can help in any way PLEASE let us know ...  

We would especially love any sponsors so if you are interested or can help please let us know.  Sponsorship will help additional students participate in this tour.

I know this is just a very vague overview but please let me know if you are at all interested  and I will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have. I can also give you plenty of references of people (including the people we have worked with before ...probably in your country) and others that have been at or even put on seminars with us so you can check our/my background and what people think  ... we believe we put on a quality program and everyone always seems to have fun so please join in and help make this a fun, sharing and learning time for everyone.


Thank you for your time.

Bruce Everett Miller
Quan Li K’an
8th Dan