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People that are interested in Inner Circle [Formally CME) material are experienced Martial artists ...

looking to move from just doing stuff cute exercise based techniques in the Dojo that they would never use on the street

to techniques and understandings that makes sense in real combat

and information so that they can understand WHY things really work (real physiology reasons) ... (* see below)


Inner Circle materials are not a collection of Medical lectures or exercises or stories bragging about myself or my style ...

there is too much of that junk out there already ..neither one of us has time for that $%^&


Instead Inner Circle materials are principles and explanations of stuff works that with any REAL combat / self defense style.

In fact many of the combat techniques in QLK / Inner Circle production material are based on our interpretation of the techniques used in the 1500's when Martial arts was not a competition or a game ...

Yet we have taken enough from the Chinese side that you do not to be superman or be strong or hardened to "communicate" with any attackers .. our information is abuot when Kata used information so that size and strength were not what determined the outcome .... only training and knowledge.


So this is not stuff meant for beginners - Nor are these materials "instructional" manuals on how to do "basic" techniques ...

so if you are looking to learn basics I am afraid that this is not the right place to look.

These materials are designed to make you a high level martial artist.


What I sell works! And thus WILL hurt / kill people if applied.

So you need to have the good sense not to play around .... I have found that Adults

SERIOUSLY interested in protecting themselves care about the content not the glitz and

have the common sense not to play around with real information ... Which Kids do not ...


As far as Refunds. I sell information ... Once you have received a product the information is yours... so is the material.

If there is a mistake and you did not get what you ordered ... Or it doesn't work right (in the case of a DVD)

Please let me know as I WILL fix that problem ASAP.

I WILL do my best to make things right!I do want you to be happy with the material you purchased

[which is why I do all all this explaining...  My e-mail Address is : bemiller@cloudnet.com

I am simply trying to be honest here and let you know what you are getting and what you are not


ALL my Videos and DVDs play in NTSC FORMAT ... I am sorry but at present I do not have PAL or SECAM format available.



WARNING: I also want to be completely honest here ...

If you are looking for fancy production or glitz material or slick titles - then this is definitely not the site for you!


These materials are about REAL information ... not slick productions!

Inner Circle materials are not produced by Commercial grade production producers ... instead - I made them personally ... as best as I can ... but I deliberately leave out the fancy colored covers and eye candy production techniques - (for more than just cost reasons!)

Commercial sellers strip out the real stuff and talk about stories to tease but never give you real substance or answers - [say ego. protecting them selves legally and to keep you buying trying to actually learn something useful ... but you won't ... sigh] .... I want to teach you real principles and give real answers -- in order to do that I HAVE to put this stuff out myself.. The commercial printers refuse to put this stuff out ... believe me I have tried it would be easier than doing myself but I am not willing to put my name on the stripped down versions they want to sell!

SO I focus on ensuring you get INFORMATION - REAL usable information - not hype - and plenty of it! - material that is based on scientific facts - not my personal opinion - material with a focus on REAL MARTIAL ARTS and Self Defense information - not tournament moves or tough guy concepts.


so this stuff works but it is not going to be pretty or fancy ... just real!

... I just want to be honest here and let you know what you are getting**

FYI real martial artists seems to like the reality of my stuff because I believe have one of the highest repeat buyer percentages of any martial artist producer out there ...

yes that is a bold statement but it is true ... don't take my word for any of this ask around

See this link for more / full information and customer reviews



One of the new things we are trying in order to cut your (and my ) costs of learning is that Inner Circle is trying to put our products up as e-books

As you know production costs are a major part of what we have to charge ... because production costs are far less (I still have costs I have to pay to producers and AMAZON..sigh) Inner Circle can bring you the same products for about a half to 1/3 of the hard copies ...

The plan is that the books that I consider safe for the general public - I hope to put up as an ebook ... AND if later you decide that you would like the hard copy afterwards I will deduct the cost of the ebook from the hard copy price ... so I hopefully can make this a no lose situation.

NOW I have to admit that this offer will not last for ever but for now I think it is a good deal

Right now I ONLY have 1 book up but hope to have several more soon (in fact the PP the deadly touch will hopefully come out soon)

here is the link






Over 90% of the questions I get about not understanding something I said are from people who ask questions that are covered in the first book in the series.

The Basic Books in a series contain terms and concepts that are then expanded in the advanced books ... unless you have a degree in anatomy and physiology or are a licensed clinician you will not get the the full meaning of my explanation in the advanced books unless you read the first books ..

So Please START FROM THE BEGINNING ... Please ... for both of our sakes ... Put ego aside and start with the FIRST book in a series ... don't jump to the "advanced" book without reading the first Book ... advanced means building on the books ahead of it in that system ... it doesn't relate to your personal Martial Arts ability.

PLEASE do not assume that I write like many others and that you can skip my beginning books because they are "BASIC" ...... WRONG!!

I also try NOT to repeat myself ... people don't buy my material to waste their time or mine. So PLEASE don't buy an advanced book expecting that everything I covered in earlier books in that series will be repeated again and the higher level stuff will be understandable without first understanding the lower level material .

Sorry WRONG My books and videos build on each other.. And I expect you to know what was in the earlier books BEFORE you work on the more advanced stuff ... in short BUY the First book of a series THEN get the advanced .... The first book is NOT a beginners book! There are plenty of books out there for beginners but these are not them ... I am NOT putting beginners down (everyone has to start somewhere) but everything I write or put out is for people who have been in the arts for quite a while and already know the basics and want to build on what they already know.

Therefore you WILL need to read my basic (or first of a series book/video/DVD) to get full value out of the advanced material ... Please don't whine if you don't get full value out an advanced book, etc because you thought you didn't need to start from the beginning ... Believe me these products are NOT like anything you have seen before ....

Also they are meant as REFERENCE material, not easy read stuff that you read once and throw away ... expect that you will be going through them many times and learn something every time. I have had more than one person buy replacements books after wearing out the book. I take that as a compliment!

Therefore ... You WILL miss a lot of understandings if you don't start at the beginning of a series (even if you are an expert!), as I will build upon previously presented material, not repeat it.

I am going to say it again ... we are not like most martial arts books or productions ... when we say advanced that means that you have had the basics WE talk about in OUR materials ... not just hold a Black belt ...I do not write for beginners! not do I write for people that can't bother to start from the beginning. So unless you have an ACTUAL DEGREE IN PHYSIOLOGY I suggest that you start at the beginning of a series ... your satisfaction will definitely be higher

SO if you have no real martial arts experience then my stuff will NOT be what you want. Inner Circle products are comprised of flat out hard facts designed to enhance your fighting ability by teaching you the theories behind what works on the street! Even the kata DVD's are designed to teach HIGH level advanced skills ... that main and or kill so they won't look like your average 1minute 30 30 second tournament Kata ... and they are not really designed to teach you the basic kata. Instead they teach you the principles behind the kata (no not punch and kick)



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